Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Ithaca Artists Market 2012

This past Friday was the annual Ithaca Artists Market. For the fourth year, I have been fortunate to have been awarded a booth in this prestigious regional arts event. This year was a little different, especially for me and Diane, because it came on the heels of the Elmira Tornado (see previous post). Needless to say, we were preoccupied and dazed, but, the show must go on.

I apologize for the few snapshots (and their questionable quality). We were moving in slow-motion. These pics were taken at the beginning of the day, hence the light crowds. As usual, it was well attended. 

Great (great!!) conversations, and yes, a nice sale sent me home happy. All is well in artland.

Dee Sprague and Nancy Boyce's booth at the entrance.

Carlton Manzano wowing the crowd with his plein air beauties.

Anne Foulke with some exciting ceramic tiles.

Alice Muhlback AKA Spirit and Kitsch. I saw one of hers carried off by a happy patron.
Dense and colorful paintings and tactile ceramics by Gary Bercow.
The elegant Liz Tilley dazzled her audience.
Jolene Lyon and Nancy Crane graced a booth together.
And, here's my pad. I decided to show representational art for a change.
Of course, everybody wanted to see my minimal work. What are you gonna do?

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