Friday, November 15, 2013

Process Schizophrenia

Economic conditions for artists have been bad for the past five years. Anybody who tells you otherwise is either disingenuous or remarkably lucky. The people with serious money are afraid to spend any unless they can get a significant return on their investment (hence the violent bidding at the top end of the auction market). Otherwise, they buy their art posters at Sam's Club or Lowe's, just like the rest of America.

I know I shouldn't let the marketplace get me down. I know I shouldn't let it determine what comes out of my studio, but I've been all over the map lately.

Here are two pics from the studio. The first with framed watercolors. The big blue and yellow was a studio work early in the year. The two flanking are plein air pieces created up on Sullivan's Monument during a Revolutionary War reenactment event. They're presently hanging at Community Arts of Elmira.

The second view (taken yesterday) demonstrates my schizophrenia.